What does my child need to bring to camp?

Each camper should bring the following:

  • a healthy snack (packed in something the birds/squirrels can't get into)
  • lunch if staying full day
  • come wearing sunscreen
  • weather appropriate clothing
  • athletic shoes
  • water bottle (one will be provided the first day of attendance)

How are campers divided into groups?

Campers are grouped according to age: 4/5/6, 7/8/9, 10/11/12/13.  Groups may be changed slightly based on enrollment.  For example, if there are a high number of 7-year olds, they may break off into their own group.  Your child may only change groups if they are on the cusp of an age range.  The Director and staff will help determine the most beneficial group for your child. 

Can my child and their friend be in the same group?

If they are in the same age group as indicated above then, yes.  That does not mean they will always be on the same team.  Staff members are instructed to not stack teams in an effort to create equitable play.  

Can my child choose the activities they want to participate in?

No.  We pride ourselves on not being a single sport camp.  We believe in providing kids with a variety of activities.  Campers will stay and rotate with their group every 20-30 minutes according to a schedule, which changes daily.  If a game/activity is popular it will fall into the schedule often.  If your child is not particularly fond of an activity it is very likely the next one will be one of their favorites. 

Are the camp lunches free?

Yes, they are free to those staying a full day or attending after summer school.  If you child is not enrolled for a full day and would like to stay on a camp lunch day then you can pay $20 to stay for the afternoon.  Camp lunches are offered once a week and the menu will be posted on the board at check-in.   

Are you peanut free?

All food/drink provided by the camp is peanut free.  We speak with the families who have peanut issues about the severity and then create a plan (i.e. peanut free table, hand washing, peanut free camp, etc.). 

What do you do on really, really hot days?

We find many ways to beat the heat.  We provide cool water to drink, spray bottles, water play activities, cold watermelon breaks, and rotate groups from outside play to inside air conditioned game rooms.  Most of the summer is fairly mild but we are always prepared for those hot, hot days!

Will my child be tired?

Yep and you're welcome.  

Are their make up days?

For a medical reason, your child can make up the days he/she missed.  Otherwise, each camper is allowed one make up day free of charge.  All absences must be called, or sent via text, by 7:30am or the day will be lost.  

Can I add or change days?

Of course!  The Price Schedule does have a built in price break the more days you sign up for at the time of registration.  If you add days after registration it will be at the daily rate.   

You may change days up until the first day of camp.  We will do our best to work with very minor changes to your schedule once camp begins.    

When is early drop off and how late is aftercare?

Early drop off begins at 7:30am and aftercare goes until 5pm.  Aftercare is not available on the last day of camp.  

Can unused days be applied to next summer?

No they can't.  However, unused days can be transferred to another family member or another attending camper you may know.